Walking Montmartre and the Seine

Staircase up to the Sacre Coeur.
View from the top of the hill.

Sacre Coeur.

Pont Neuf.

After our day full of walking the city, we were starving! When we were in Paris six years ago, a friend recommended La Rotisserie de Beaujolais and we loved it! It was at the top of my list of places to go back to this trip. They have the most amazing rotisserie chicken and frites and a great view of the Seine!  They also have an 18 year old cat mascot named Beaujolais who lives in the restaurant and pretty much does as he pleases. They seem to really love him and they light up if you ask about him. Another fun fact about La Rotisserie de Beaujolais - it's mentioned in an episode of Gossip Girl as Blair Waldorf's favorite restaurant in Paris.

After dinner we walked the Seine a bit more and headed back to our hotel in Le Marais to watch a World Cup game. Even though I was exhausted I decided that we absolutely had to make it to the Eiffel Tower tonight so we could watch it twinkle. The Metro was running late but we ran and we made it just in time!