The Islands and the Left Bank

Chris and I are always saying how we never really have pictures of the two of us from our vacations because one of us has to be behind the camera. I found this amazing photographer in Paris and we scheduled a shoot with him for very early in the morning today! The sky was hazy and it was freezing but it was beautiful and I can't wait to see the photos!

We raced back to our hotel after our shoot so I could change and grab a jacket before we went out for the day. We walked back to the islands and to walk around and visit the Notre Dame and the Conciergerie.

Notre Dame.
Notre Dame.


We walked over to the left bank after lunch and walked around the Latin Quarter and the Saint-Germain-des-Pres. The Luxembourg Garden is really beautiful and great for people watching so we sat at a cafe for a bit and then made our way around the park.

We needed ice cream after all of that walking so we decided to walk over to the Ile St. Louis and go to Berthillion. They're known for incredible ice cream and a long line. On our way we stopped to see the Pont des Arts since we'd just seen that part of it had collapsed. I think the story was a little blown out of proportion because it was perfectly sound and damage free. There were relieved couples everywhere taking pictures with their locks! 

The most wonderful chocolate and banana ice cream!