Rainy Days

This summer has been crazy rainy in Tampa! We had a few weeks in a row that it rained every single day for almost the entire day. While I'm grateful that we aren't experiencing drought conditions like other places in the country, it's getting a bit old. It's so hard to look presentable when your hair falls flat and frizzy and you're walking in circles like a crazy person to avoid stepping in a puddle because you insisted on wearing your cute shoes.

Being a huge Gossip Girl fan has given me somewhat unrealistic expectations of how chic I can expect to look in any given situation. Case in point, the photo below - perfect hair, perfectly dry outfits, and designer heels.

Blair Waldorf gives me a lot of fashion inspiration but definitely not for practical outfits in case of inclement weather. In an effort to help keep you looking your best when mother nature isn't cooperating, I've rounded up some classically stylish rainy day gear to inspire you!

clear bubble umbrella: Totes
rain check bubble umbrella: Kate Spade

classic trench coat: Coach
gingham trim raincoat: Topshop

matte lace up rain boots: Coach
glitter rain boots: Kate Spade
charm rain boots: Michael Kors
tall glossy rain boots: Hunter

By the way, how hilarious is this photo?! Only Chuck Bass could make this combo seem normal.

Thank you for reading!