Back To School

I have an undying love for school supplies! Every year I couldn't wait to get my supply list at open house and head out with my mom to find the perfect set of colored pencils and the most stylish binders - I was not having those navy or hunter green binders. I remember feeling so official when I finally moved up to college ruled paper instead of wide ruled. Getting a locker was also really monumental. Mine was always fully decorated on the inside of the door and I was very particular about what kind of shelf and mirror I needed. Did anyone else have a mini freakout the first day back from Christmas break and draw a blank on the combination?

I've been out of school for awhile now but I still get really excited when I'm strolling through Target and I see the giant pencils hanging from the ceiling. As fun as childhood school shopping was, I must admit that grown up(ish) shopping is even better! Surrounding myself with cheerful things really helps motivate me and keep me feeling creative. These are some of my picks to keep you organized and keep your workspace pretty!

Thank you for reading!

Quick and Curious agenda: Kate Spade
I Am Very Busy pencil pouch:
turquoise ballpoint pen: Kate Spade

gold tape dispenser: Kate Spade
gold stripe thermal mug: Kate Spade
pink and gold mobile charger:
Eat Cake for Breakfast paper weight: Kate Spade
Bella Bookworm watercolor print: Preppy Printshop

Happy Girls print: Kelly Elizabeth Designs
gold stapler: Kate Spade
gold dot file folders: Kate Spade

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