Tampa Fave: Sprinkles

Sprinkles has arrived in Tampa and I'm in love! The world's first cupcake bakery opened in Beverly Hills but my first Sprinkles experience was actually in Washington, D.C. when I ran the Nike Women's Half Marathon. Chris and I walked by the store window and the bright pink walls and the welcoming smell of cupcakes was too much to resist! I took a bite of the dark chocolate cupcake and immediately turned to Chris and said, "How awesome would it be if we got a Sprinkles in Tampa?" Fast forward a couple of years and those incredible cupcakes are literally walking distance from my front door! 

Sprinkles makes all of their cupcakes, cookies, and ice cream by hand from high quality ingredients and you can definitely taste it. Their signature red velvet cupcake is available in gluten and sugar free and they also offer a gluten free chocolate chip cookie. They even have their signature doggy cupcakes - or pupcakes - for that sweet furry friend in your life! You can check out all of their flavors here!

Don't feel guilty sampling their treats! They're worth every calorie and their bakery boxes, napkins, shopping bags, and gift boxes are made from recycled materials. They've also swapped out plastic utensils for wooden ones. They purchase local dairy and produce when possible and use green cleaning products in their stores. They run an annual Earth Day campaign and have raised $94,050 since 2008 that has been donated to non-profit organizations committed to preservation and conservation. 

I was incredibly lucky to attend the sneak peek before they officially opened their doors in Hyde Park Village! The smiling Sprinkles staff excitedly greeted us the second we walked in and we were immediately hit with the smell of baked goods heaven. We walked toward the counter and they had an assortment of vanilla, chocolate, and red velvet cupcakes for us to frost and decorate. The girls behind the counter showed us the proper Sprinkles technique for frosting and told us that their icing philosophy is more is more! I went for a chocolate cupcake with vanilla frosting and rainbow sprinkles!

I have been back more times than I care to admit but you would definitely need two hands to count the trips on your fingers. Sorry, not sorry! I will definitely be taking advantage of their new Perks program. There are three level: Vanilla, Dark Chocolate, and Red Velvet. The rewards vary depending on your level and you can work your way up to getting free cupcakes on your birthday and half birthday, as well as a Skip the Line pass!  

See you at Sprinkles!

Thank you so much to the Sprinkles management and staff for having us and being such a great addition to our Tampa community!