My Blogging Hiatus is Over!

So after a bit of an unintentional hiatus from blogging, I'm back! The last few months were absolutely crazy and, to be honest, a little time away served me well. 

Fall just flew by between work, hockey season, and buying our first house together! We closed on our house at the end of October and moved in at the beginning of November. I am absolutely in love with our white kitchen - white cabinets, countertops, farmhouse sink, and subway tile! I've definitely found that a pretty kitchen gets me a lot more interested in cooking. Moving out of our downtown apartment and into a more suburban (but still urban) part of Tampa has been so great. We're within walking distance of so many great places to eat and shop and we just survived our first Gasparilla here. We got a kick out of how full our apartment was with furniture and how empty it felt when we got here. We're filling our new home with furniture, personality, and memories nicely and slowly adjusting to the idea that we are actual grownups and we're somehow old enough to own a house. How did that happen?! 

Here are a few photos of our home that I've shared on Instagram. We're still getting settled so I'm sure I'll be sharing more photos as we go along.

Just before our big move we got to see Taylor Swift and let me tell you, girl did not disappoint. It was hands down the best show I've ever seen! I sang every single word and danced to every single song without one ounce of concern about what anyone thought. It was exactly what I needed and I got to share it with Chris and my mom. All of our friends were so jealous we got to spend Halloween night with Taylor Swift and got a surprise performance of "Let It Go" by Idina Menzel!

Right after we moved into our house we packed our bags and headed to Switzerland to see Chris's family. While we were there we made a pitstop to Florence to see my friend Ashley of History in High Heels! More pictures and posts of our travels to come!