Sunday Funday!

Our Sunday was action packed!

We had breakfast at Piquant in Hyde Park Village - it was delicious as usual. I love ordering omelets when we go out because they always turn into scrambled eggs when I attempt them at home.

Hyde Park Village was hosting their monthly Farmer's Market today. I can never seem to remember if it's on the first or last Sunday of the month so we lucked out! After breakfast we went exploring and had another Lightning player sighting.

There were so many booths serving unique food and drinks. We were stuffed from breakfast but we did try some blueberry lemonade that was amazing! We will definitely be going back next month without full stomachs. 

After our stroll, we decided to beat the heat and go see the Myth Busters exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry. 

My favorite part was trying to pull a tablecloth off a table without the dishes falling everywhere. I think I did pretty well!



After all of our experiments we went for gelato at Le Macaron. I definitely recommend the chocolate! 

(top: J. Crew; shorts: American Eagle; headband: Kelly Elizabeth Designs)